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Spring 2007

Round trip from Beget to Comanegra.


Round trip from Calonge to Platja d'Aro.


Winter 2006

Trekking with snow shoes froom Vallter 2000 al Pic de la Dona.


Riding btt around Perafita.


Crossing Montnegre from Sant Celoni a Pineda de Mar with btt.

Autumn 2006

Excursiob to Taga walking from Pardines.

Summer 2006 is born to present the many possibilities that the Catalan territory offers to those people whom they love to find places where to enjoy the nature, free air and to discover the legacy of history, just doing a walk by often little known zones.


To start we offer you the following routes:


Walking to the summint of Catalunya La Pica d'Estats through the classical route from the Vall Ferrera refuge.


Walking by the Montseny Coll Formic - Matagalls.


Excursion with snow shoes to La Gallina Pelada.


Excursion to Puig Neulós from Requesens's Castle.