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Conditions of use is a Web site that offers information about hiking routes anb with btt by Catalonia under the following conditions of use:

  1. facilitates through this Web, information for the taking of steps outdoors, but it does not assume any responsibility by the use that the users with the proportionate data nor of the consequences do or accidents that can be produced. Or by errors in the data as by imprudence or badly use on the part of the user or by adverse meteorological conditionses or of the surroundings.

  2. The coordinates of the routes, descriptions and other data, can contain errors and is responsibility of the user to use the data provided by of safe form and in no case any accident of or another consequence derived by the use of the information available in will be able to be made responsible to.

  3. The own errors of the global positioning system (GPS) must be considered and transformation of the data.

  4. All the contents, texts, images and source code, are intellectual property of the people in charge of the Web

  5. The use of the information is allowed and the images of whenever it is for nonlucrative purposes, legal and reference to the source becomes of the information. The total or partial transformation of any content, image, map or text nor its reproduction, distribution or diffusion is not authorized.